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KIT's team of professionals will take their time to understand your needs and will provide your company with valuable IT resources.

Application Development
IT Support & Consultation
IT Outsourcing
Networking Solutions
System Maintenance & Support
Hardware Sourcing



Application Development

Whether you are looking for modifications to your existing software applications or you are wanting to develop new applications, KIT can assist you.

The trained professionals at KIT specialize in the creation and development of customized business and application software, including application analysis, design, development, implementation and training.

KIT has experience in numerous programming languages and database systems.

Contact a Client Services Representative today to discuss your application development needs.


IT Support & Consultation

As a successful company you need IT support and consultation from a team who are not only committed to finding the right solution for your company, but also committed to ensuring a smooth transition.

Look no further!

Kit's staff of project managers, software and database developers, and technical support professionals make it a priority to discover and source out solutions that will adapt to your current operations.

  • IT assessment and consultation
  • Detailed project planning and development
  • Solution recommendations
  • Purchasing recommendations


IT Outsourcing

Discover how establishing a relationship with a reputable outsourcing company can help your organization manage your IT resources and prepare for expected employee absences as well as unexpected staffing shortages.

Manage your IT resources

KIT can offer your company the resources to meet your IT needs on a part time, full time or contractual basis.

A Client Services Representative will meet with you to discuss your needs and offer sourcing recommendations to fit your business requirements.

With KIT, it's your choice!

  • Outsource part of your in-house IT support
  • Outsource your entire IT department
  • Supplement your current resources for that "special project"
  • Supplement your current resources during a transition period or during those temporary work overloads

Prepare for Expected Employee Absences

Vacation time, holiday coverage, pregnancy and parental leave are part of business operations these days.

With KIT on your team, your company will receive the best of staffing coverage, from a team of professionals who will take the time to know and understand your operations and provide you with the ongoing support crucial to your day to day operations.

Prepare for Unexpected Staffing Shortages

Many companies today face the pressures of unexpected employee absences due to:

  • Employee illnesses or injuries
  • Short term or long term disability absences
  • Employee resignation
  • Employee termination

Developing a relationship with KIT will give your company peace of mind that should unexpected staffing shortages occur, you have a team in place who are knowledgeable in your operations, and who are prepared to quickly jump in and see you through!

Prepare today!

Contact a Client Services Representative for a no cost, no obligation consultation.


Networking Solutions

Expanding your existing infrastructure or considering a new network platform within your organization?

Kit's professional staff are skilled in a variety of platforms and will assist your company in assessing your current structure, evaluating your upcoming growth plans and future considerations, and implement the right strategy.

Contact a Client Services Representative to discuss your IT needs!


System Maintenance & Support

Whether your a small business or a medium size corporation, KIT can design a technical and/or programming support package that will work for your company!


  • On-site support
  • Off-site support
  • Telephone support
  • Remote support

Kit's team of experts are available to support your company on a full time, part time or contractual basis and maintains a proven track record of successfully supplying IT support.

Know the confidence of having KIT on your team, contact a Client Services Representative to find out more!


Hardware Sourcing

Keep up with the fast paced changes of the IT world, with Kit's help!

KIT will work with your company to assess your hardware needs and assist you to source out the right solutions.




Kingston Information Technologies Ltd. looks forward to supporting your ongoing business success.



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